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September 2022 Giveaway

Hoping for one last getaway before the end of the year? This one is on us! We are giving one particular traveler 2 Ryanair tickets for a total of €100 to share with a friend or take a solo trip.

Write about your travel experiences on our site and the member with the highest amount of views in the month of September will win the voucher. 

Ideas of posts to write

Enter to win in 3 steps

1) Create an account

If you haven't done so already!
Go to our home page and click "Sign Up"

Terms and Conditions

  • When will the competition start/end?
    This competition will run from September 1, 2022, 00:01 (GMT+1) to September 30, 2022, 23:59 (GMT+1). 

  • Who can enter?
    It is for anyone who signs up for the platform, is accepted, and writes about their travel experiences in the month of September 2022. The manual acceptance is to avoid bots and spamming of the site, if you disagree with our decision, you can email us at

  • What more do I need to know?
    The giveaway competition is quite simple, whoever gets the highest views on the platform will win the Ryanair voucher worth up to 100 euros total. There is the option to split the tickets in two to share with a friend or family member, but it is a total value of 100 euros.

  • How many winners will there be? 
    There will be only one prize winner and the winner can choose a second recipient of the tickets or are able to claim the full value of the ticket themselves.

  • What is Amunì Travel Forum liable for? 
    Your entry or participation in this competition is at your own risk. Although this is an online writing competition, if you believe the competition requires that you undertake any physical activity please ensure, before entering the competition, that you are in good health, and that you have informed us before or at the time of claiming the prize of any underlying medical condition, physical or other impairment or medication you are taking which may be relevant and which could adversely affect your use or enjoyment of the competition/prize, or ability to claim the prize. You must notify us immediately if you become ill or become aware of any other relevant medical or health and safety information which could affect your participation in a Promotion and/or prize. If you have a disability, please make this clear to us when you claim the prize, so we can consult with you well in advance of the prize and make such reasonable adjustments as are practical and within our reasonable control, based on all the circumstances, to ensure that you can enjoy the prize to the fullest extent.

    You will be subject to RyanAir's policy on the gift card. Amunì Travel Forum is not responsible for the expiration date, travel date, or anything related to the ticket. We will only be offering the gift card itself. 

  • How can I be disqualified?
    If we consider that you or your entry are in breach of these terms and conditions, or if we have grounds to suspect any entrant or third party of cheating, deception, or fraudulent or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind we reserve the right in our sole discretion (and without us incurring any liability) to disqualify any entrant, entry or person we reasonably believe to be responsible for or associated with, such activity.

    We also reserve the right to disqualify you from the prize (without us incurring any liability) if in our reasonable opinion you fail to conduct yourselves in a way that is abusive or which exposes you or others to any medical, security, safety, or similar risk whatsoever. You agree that you will not do anything likely to bring us or any of our promotion partners into disrepute or which might adversely affect our reputation or the competition. If you are disqualified prizes may be withheld or withdrawn. You will not be compensated and you may be required to pay any costs incurred. Another entrant or winner may be selected at our discretion to take part in the Promotion and win the prize.

  • More Terms and Conditions
    Save that nothing in these terms and conditions limits or excludes our (or any third party’s) liability arising from fraud or from death or personal injury caused by negligence or any other type of liability which may not be limited or excluded by law, to the fullest extent permissible, we (and the promotion partners and any providers of a prize) (a) shall have no liability about any act or omission of any third party and (b) exclude all liability to you and anyone else for any indirect loss, damage or harm of any kind arising from or in connection with the prizes and your use or enjoyment of them. For example, if you book or take time off work to use the time to write or promote your writings, we would not be responsible for covering your wages or salary for your missed day of work on that day or any other day off you take. This is only one example and is not intended to limit the general interpretation of this clause.

    We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any of the terms and conditions if we consider it necessary or appropriate to do so for reasons beyond our reasonable control. Any changes will be posted here with an updated stamp.

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